Our methodology places emphasis on our core values and overall progress and safety for our employees and clients.

At Karims Development Company, we follow a methodology that centers on the clients and their objectives.  As an international engineering & construction services provider, we constantly strive to accomplish something new with every project that we undertake.

 Our methodology involves:

  • Site Selection
  • Component and Technology Selection
  • Project Conceptualization and Strategy Development
Proper SafetyAll-Round Progress

We are a responsible real estate company, and our methodology stresses on the safety of everyone concerned – our employees, our clients, and all with whom we deal on a regular basis. With every infrastructure that we develop, we take the fullest safety precautions. We aim to enrich and empower the lives of everyone who is associated to us in some way or the other, and so we always consider the possibilities.

We emphasize on quality, safety and production which we believe is an essential aspect in the growth of our enterprise. At all the times we make it a point that our employees have an international working ambience. Our workers attend workshops in order to recognize and avoid various occupational hazards. We lead and manage by example in order to ensure proper safety for everyone related with us.

With every accomplishment, we strive to form a firm foundation to envision and create a better future. As a top real estate company it is our mission to decide on and undertake challenging tasks.

We provide our talented team of workers with opportunities to innovate and achieve great things, and we reward them for all the success that they achieve for us. Communities look up to us as responsive and responsible because we promote effective real estate management – of resources and incorporate local and also global perspectives. We strive to add greater value and quality to life.

Our Values

We build on a great heritage which spans over four decades and we still have proper guidance, dedicated approach, and active management as our main values. We stress on:

Our aim is uncompromising honesty, fairness, and integrity at the core of our services.
Fair Return
We gain a return  for our clients which aptly rewards the value that we deliver.
It is one of our highest concerns, and we ensure zero accidents at all the levels of our construction process.


We set the highest standards for ourselves. We make use of the latest technology and constantly improve and innovate. We take pleasure in solving challenges and achieving the impossible.

Mutual Respect

We always encourage teamwork, transparency and trust. We always promote an inclusive culture based on views, experience, and various backgrounds.

Through the 40 years that we have been in existence, we have been responsible for overseeing and developing landmark construction projects in many parts of the world. With a strong presence in multiple sectors, we are continuously moving ahead and have been involved in complex projects which are intended to open up new avenues.